A new type of RPG product

The Darkest House is a digital product designed specifically to the needs of running and playing games online—and built to take maximum advantage of that mode of play. Think of it like an RPG book reimagined to be as useful as possible in the online environment. Every image and map is conveniently shareable and downloadable. Each encounter is formatted to your screen, giving you everything you need in a single view. Text to share with the players is easily copied with a single click. A rich network of hyperlinks makes navigation simple and intuitive. Your players my find the Darkest House a daunting challenge, but you’ll find it amazingly easy to GM.

Use The Darkest House in conjunction with your preferred online TTRPG platform. Run your game on Zoom or Discord, or a virtual tabletop like Roll20 or Astral. Only the GM needs a copy of The Darkest House—it contains everything the players will need, to be distributed by the GM when appropriate.

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