A short visit. A long delve. Lasting implications.

What draws your player characters to the Darkest House? What tempts them to cross its shadowed threshold? The answers are as varied as the characters and campaigns you play. Perhaps it is the rumored home of a notorious vampire, or the hideout of a criminal gang. Perhaps a child has gone missing, or there are tales of treasure within. Whatever ruse the House uses to draw in your PCs, it’s unlikely they’ll find what they expect. Their antagonist isn’t within the House—it is the House.

Perhaps they will enter for just a single game session. Perhaps they’ll spend far longer, and probe deeper to learn its intricate mysteries. Or perhaps they’ll escape quickly, only to realize later—maybe much later—that they must return. The House is vast—much larger than its appearance suggests—and it grows. It might never be fully explored or understood. But perhaps the PCs in your group would like to try?

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