Any setting

That old house that everyone whispers about. That apartment at the end of the hall where no tenant ever stays for long. That strange unit in the personal quarters sector, where everything seems a bit off. These are among the many entrances to The Darkest House.

Like an invasive vine or a creeping shadow, The Darkest House insinuates itself into any world. It is a malignant and primal force, unconcerned with the specifics of the worlds it seeps into. The Darkest House exists in our world—in your world—in any world. Wherever there is hunger, The Darkest House can gain a foothold. It is perfectly happy to take root in your campaign.

Or campaigns. The House draws from the many worlds it touches. It need not pull all its victims from the same setting. Imagine an experience that gathers your favorite characters from different campaigns, to work together to survive its horrors. In a product uniquely designed for online play, it also enables scattered gaming groups to come back together for a unique reunion experience.

Inject The Darkest House into your ongoing campaign as a horror interlude. The Darkest House’s effect on character development and backstory makes it really shine in this mode, and it will influence the quality of play for long after the characters have escaped it. It could be a single one-shot, or it might recur as the PCs encounter the House again later, or seek it out to further plumb its mysteries. The House has many aspects, and there will always be more to discover.

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