The House hungers

What happens to a house when it’s left to itself? What emotions did it absorb from those who dwelled within? What jealousies and hatreds does it harbor as it sits there… all alone?

When characters enter the Darkest House, they’ll find more than just a haunted house. Far more. It is a crucible of sorts, where their mettle and their minds will be tested. Those who fall short will suffer heavy consequences. Those who can hold their own, however, emerge not only stronger but with greater insight into their world, their companions, and most of all themselves. The House draws upon a character’s memories and personal fears. It challenges their very notions of morality, family, friendship, love, and truth.

Your regular, ongoing game will be better after you’ve experienced the Darkest House. PCs emerge more deeply developed. Parties emerge more cohesively, with stronger bonds.

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